Paul et Dominique

Label Fleurs de Soleil Fleur de Tournesol Fleur de Tournesol Fleur de Tournesol Our objective: Contribute to the success of your stay!

Vue de la chambre Provençale

With a southern France evoking decor, the "Provençale" room will delight you.

Furniture in solid oak, light and warm colors, welcome you to make your stay the more pleasant possible.

The comfort of a quality bedding contributes to a restful night.

The windows give you a view on the ocean and sailing ships.

In the bathroom you can dispose of all necessaries towels and bath towels, shampoo, hair dryer, cotton buds, cleansers cottons, handkerchiefs, and so on ....

Would you like a tea, an infusion or a coffee ?

Everything is handy in your room to satisfy you.

Salle d'eau

Vue de la chambre

Table à thé ou café

Etiquette de la chambre Provençale